Old Kempton Distillery school was born out of sheer necessity when in 2005, after being granted the first small scale distillery license in Australia since 1839, people began beating down the door looking for technical expertise from the Larks.
With over 27 years of experience to share, Bill, Kristy and Lyn Lark, along with Mark Nicholson- an experienced teacher and good friend of the Larks- came up with the idea of putting all that knowledge into a hands-on “how to distillery course”.
Our three day school is specifically designed for those seeking to join the craft distilling industry. Our course covers all aspects of the science, business development, legislation and marketing required to run a successful licensed distillery in Australia. Our course has a phenomenal track record of success for the participants and prides itself on offering continued support to anyone who attends the school.
The Distillery School is run in Dysart House, Kempton, and allows you to do hands-on distilling, calculations and all manner of work with spirits along side the Old Kempton team. Mark Nicholson has travelled the world learning the art of Distilling and is open to all questions based on what the student specifically would like to learn from us.
Old Kempton Distillery makes a wide range of spirits including Whisky, a variety of gins and our very popular Lavender Malt – this means no matter what you are interested in making we will be able to provide you with hands on training and advice. With our new distillery currently being built our courses will expand to include brewing your own wash on site!
The third day of distillery school will see you visiting cooperages, full scale automated distilleries, craft distilleries, still makers, wash supply breweries and of course, Lark Distillery, where this great Tasmanian journey began. This day provides invaluable insight into the scope and complexity of the craft distilling industry – it also puts faces to names which will definitely help when it comes to starting your own distillery.
To read our reviews or book a spot in our distillery school please visit https://www.oldkemptondistillery.com.au/distillery-school/
If you have any questions please email Erin – erin@oldkemptondistillery.com.au
Next courses available – August 18th – 20th, October 13th – 15th, December 17th- 19th and February 7th – 9th.