Looking for a unique opportunity that you can start right now? Would you like to join our 100’s of happy private barrel owners?
People are fast discovering the exceptional quality of whisky coming from this small island. Whether it be the pristine water ways or fresh air Tasmania is fast becoming renowned for their award winning ‘Water of Life’. Here at Old Kempton we are offering people the opportunity to purchase their very own Tasmanian whisky barrel. We have crafted spirit in our heritage coach house, ready to fill your own 20L, 38L, 50L or 100L barrel!
We will carefully fill your Oak barrel with Old Kempton’s handcrafted single malt spirit, made using only Tasmanian barley. Our barrels are selected and reconditioned by our local cooperage, only 15 minutes south of the distillery. Barrel types include; sherry, port, pinot noir, bourbon, rum, tokay, muscat and many more.
There are no hidden costs and you are welcome to the distillery to fill the barrel yourself if you choose!
For more information please email: erin@oldkemptondistillery.com.au or visit our website oldkemptondistillery.com.au