Are you interested in learning all aspects of spirit Distilling? No matter what spirit you are looking to produce, our hands-on course is exactly what you need.
Old Kempton Distillery School offers the opportunity for students to learn the art of distilling with a hands-on course as well as learning the business planning, marketing, theoretical training, ATO requirements, and industry connections needed to succeed in the world of spirits.
Created and nurtured by the God Father of Whisky, Bill Lark, our School offers you all the knowledge you need to be able to run a Distillery in Australia. Designed to teach everyone, from beginners to those with a bit of experience, our three day school with ensure you get answers to all your questions, practical skills and on-going support from the team at Old Kempton Distillery.
With the fantastic Mark Nicholson as your teacher, and over 20 years of knowledge, there is nothing you could ask that he wouldn’t have the answer to.
Feedback received from our last course from student Michael – I participated in the Distillery School in March 2021. It was a fantastic experience where I learn so much and stoked my passion for whisky. Mark was an excellent teacher and the rest of the team were so welcoming and ready to share their knowledge and experience. Very glad I attended as I will keep the knowledge obtained for the rest of my life. Highly recommend if you are serious about learning more about the technical aspects of whisky/spirits distilling.
We have limited spots available in August, October, November, February and March.
Contact Erin Cole – – for more information.