Dysart House’s Old Stables was originally built to hold 22 horses for those travelling the highway between Launceston and Hobart.
There are many drawings on the walls, with some being put there to scare away old ghosts and some being old owners and visitors names and dates. To reach the top floor there is only a single file wooden ladder meaning everything has to be loaded in and out through the side window.
The Team at OKD have all seen varying degrees of spooky happenings in Dysart House and the Old Stables – the most common being a small bustling lady in red that walks from the kitchen to the old slaughter room before disappearing. Other ghostly appearances have included all the plugs in the kitchen being pulled from the walls, the piano playing itself a sad tune in the hallway, the coffee grinder grinding every single coffee bean, flashes in front of security cameras after dark, things moving in the old stables when they are all locked up and many times we have heard footsteps from the top floor when no one else is there!
Our Old Stable bond store is perfect for storing and creating uniquely Tasmanian Whisky – in winter it reaches temperatures of around -5 degrees and it summer it holds the heat nicely and sits around 15-20 degrees. For Winter tours we highly recommend wearing warm clothing – fingers can easily turn blue in those sort of temperatures. It does make you wonder how the horses dealt with the changing temperatures of the Old Stables.
What’s your favourite ghost story or ghost experience you’ve had?