Love the distilling industry in Australia?
Your new life awaits.
Our Distillery Course is unique opportunity to have a hands-on learning experience in an artisan distillery. It is designed to provide full training whether you are a beginner, want some hands on experience or need to learn how to navigate the ATO, marketing and business side of owning a Distillery.
Our Distillery School runs with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10. This keeps the school as intimate as possible and also provides plenty of time for questions and discussions of what you individually would like to gain from our School.
Our School will provide you with a close look into the workings of a Distillery, including the coopering of casks, brewing of wash, distilling processes, barrel management, decanting and bottling. Although Old Kempton Distillery is primary a Whisky Distillery, we also make Gin’s and Liqueur’s onsite – this means no matter what you are interested in distilling we have the knowledge you need to begin your own distillery.
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