Although we are generally super excited about our quarterly Whisky Club releases, this November is a once in a life time chance to own a bit of Old Kempton Distillery history.
You see, also happening in November, is the fact that Old Kempton is celebrating a pretty important birthday – our 10th!
We won’t share too much information yet, it’s all about the suspense after all, but if you aren’t part of the Old Kempton Whisky Club yet then now is time!
It’s free to join and based a ballot system, each quarterly release is no more that 108 bottles, if you are selected in the ballot your card is charged and bottle sent out. You are given 5 days to opt-out if it’s a release you aren’t interested in. Our Whisky Club releases are ONLY available to Whisky Club members, the only way to get a bottle is by joining the club.
We can’t wait to share updates on this special project so keep your eyes on our socials, and join the club before it’s too late!