Introducing Vol. 1 of The Guide to Australian Gin

More than 500 Gins from 200 brands across Australia. Every gin has been tasted by our expert panel, who have provided easy-to-follow tasting notes that will assist you in choosing the right style of gin. In addition, we have also provided mixer pairing recommendations to bring out the best in each gin. With summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to try a few new gins.


Author – The Guide to Australian Gin

A passionate gin advocate, spirits writer and judge. He has an extensive knowledge of Australasian Gin, comprehensively tasting over 1000 local gins. Deeply intrigued by the modern world of gin, he is a strong supporter of the boutique spirits scene.


Co-Manager at Gin Palace, Melbourne

Brought up in the kitchens of Adelaide’s fine dining scene, then shifting into cocktail bars, Jess is currently Co-Manager of Gin Palace Melbourne. During her long tenure there, she has gained the unofficial title of ‘The Lady of Botanicals’ for her extensive knowledge of classic and native gin botanicals.


Fever-Tree’s Australian Brand Ambassador

A prominent figure in Australian hospitality, an award-winning bartender, spirit judge and hobbyist distiller. She previously managed Gin Palace, the oldest and most prestigious gin bar in the country, and currently works as the Australian ambassador of Fever-Tree.


Owner of Moya’s Juniper Lounge, Sydney

Educated in classic cocktails at a relatively young age, Charles continued learning in spirituous drinks and wine, becoming certified as a sommelier in 2011. He has since opened his own cocktail bar, Moya’s Juniper Lounge, recognised as Australia’s Best Gin Bar in 2022.

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