It is with great excitement that we announce our May Whisky Club Release – Old Kempton Distillery’s very first Madeira Cask finished whisky!
A year ago, Rob Tyson, our Head Distiller, chose a selection of 3 to 4 year old 20L Australian Tawny casks to finish their maturation in the very special cask that had just arrived in the Old Stables of Dysart House.
The plan was simple – to use the strong, sweet and spicy traditional flavours of the fortified wine cask and add extra dimension to an already fruit cake driven Australian Tawny cask – the resulting release does not disappoint!
Madeira wine comes from the Madeira islands, located in the Atlantic ocean. The wine itself is fortified Portuguese wine and dates back to the 15th century. Back then, the wine casks were loaded onto boats to journey around the new world – using the heat from the sun on the deck to gain additional sweetness to the finished wine. Madeira fortified wine became well known in America as a result of these trips around the continents.
Today, the Madeira wine process is still very unique. Using the “Malvasia” grape, which is almost exclusively used for the production of Madeira wine, it is specially heat and moisture treated to replicate the journey the casks previously made in the 15th century. In fact, it must be kept at a temperature of 55 degrees for at least 90 days of its maturation to be called “Madeira Fortified Wine”.
Over the past 50 years many distilleries have begun experimenting with the use of madeira casks as “finishing” casks rather than for full maturation. The Madeira wine has a strong effect on the whisky flavours and colouring as well adding a strong sense of sweetness. Madeira casks are also known to add a red tinge to whisky from the strong, darkly coloured Malvasia grapes.
As you know, sometimes it can feel deeply scandalous to open up a bottle of special release whisky you know you’ll never be able to replace…
With that in mind, from this release forward, you will receive a complimentary 50ml bottle of the current Whisky Club release if you are lucky enough to be selected in the ballot. We hope this ensures you still get to enjoy drinking this beautiful release while keeping your special collection in tack!
OKDF140 Madeira Finish Cask 52% abv $260 per bottle. 108 bottles only.
Aroma: Spicy fruitcake with an abundance of orange peel. Plenty of old oak (in a good way) with raspberries, apricots, and mixed nuts.
Taste: An intriguing savoury macadamia nut aspect coupled with raspberry sherbet and a bright peachy fruitiness that sits across the more traditional citrus peel and dried fruits.
Finish: Spice driven oak finish with a zesty element, opens up beautifully in the glass to showcase its depth and complexity.
The ballot email will go out at 8am on the 8th May.
You have until 8am on the 12th of May to double up, add-in or opt-out. The first “double up” will receive bottles 1 and 100.
If you haven’t joined our Whisky Club yet then now is the time – You have until the 7th of May to sign up! This release, and all club releases, are strictly for Whisky Club members.
Any questions? Just email