The Old Kempton Winter Release is always a highly anticipated whisky and what better day to start the pre-sale than World Whisky Day – the 20th of May 2023.

All bottles will be sent on the 1st of June 2023 by express shipping. This release sells out very fast every year so get in quick to ensure you don’t miss out on this very special release.

Winter Release 2023

Bourbon X Pinot 58%abv – available in 500ml and limited 50ml
Unique waxed top exclusive to our Winter Release 500mls.

This years Winter Release marries together some of our favourite cask types to create a fun, fruity, and complex whisky to help us through the Winter evenings.

For this release we took a selection of our favourite Pinot Noir Casks and finished them for just under a year in a Bourbon Cask. The aim behind this process was to match the berry fruits and spice of the French Oak Pinot Noir Cask with the vanilla sweetness of the American Oak Bourbon casks to build a flavour profile that balances the characteristics of the different oak varieties and has a depth and complexity to keep you coming back for more.

This whisky is also an insight into the future direction of Old Kempton as more bourbon casks begin to mature over coming years and integrate with the Old Kempton House Style.

Aroma: Polished wood, malt, and blackberry jam with a touch of vanilla. Roasted hazelnuts and cocoa nibs open out into beautiful old oak.
Palate: Big Juicy mouthfeel with plenty of dark fruits, stewed prunes, red currant jelly, and orange peel.

Finish: A beautiful long finish with lots of dried fruit and a touch of toffee that develops into toasted oak and mixed spice.

500ml bottles are limited to 5 per person.

Looking for wholesale prices in Tasmania? Email – limited amounts available.