Sitting quietly in our 1840’s bond store, amongst the old stable walls, food troughs and the slight scent of lanolin oil, nestles nearly 100 casks of whisky – all belonging to our amazing customers and patiently maturing over the next few years to become their own unique bottling of Single Malt Whisky.
Our Private Cask program has been in place since we opened our doors, over 10 years ago. Customers can purchase a 20L, 50L or 100L of whisky, select their cask which is then coopered especially to their specifications, before being filled with our floral and delicate new make spirit.
We invite our customers to take part in the spirit cuts, fill their own cask and decorate their cask as they see fit. We encourage visits as it matures, and will even provide samples so you can follow its progress if you live out of state.
Our Private Cask customers are like family – once you’ve laid down your cask you have joined the history and story of Old Kempton Distillery.
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Let us make all your whisky dreams come true and start your journey with Tasmania’s Artisan Distillery.