Get excited – it’s nearly August!
This month’s Whisky Club Release is Cognac Cask Finish at 54%abv. The cask was originally coopered by Tonnellerie Rousseau in France where it was used to mature Cognac but, other than that, we had little information about it when it arrived at the distillery.  
When we first get a cask which we don’t know much about, we smell the inside of it to gauge not just its quality, but also the likely affect it will have on the spirit we mature in it. This cask was very subtle, with some light spice and cooked grape style aromas. We therefore wanted to match this cask with a more subtle whisky that was going to allow the Cognac flavours to shine through – what we selected as a series of second fill Apera casks that maintained the fruity and malty elements of the original spirit and had only taken on some light oak characteristics but none of the heavy dried fruits you would expect from a traditional Apera or Sherry cask.  
What we have taken back out of the Cognac Cask is a whisky that has developed an array of baked confectionary flavours that are beautifully complemented by a range of spices and stone fruits – A great whisky to close out the winter with. 
Tasting Notes: 
Aroma: Vanilla, Malt and Marzipan are prominent on the nose with just a hint of orange zest cutting through. This whisky benefits from a little time to air (or maybe warm up as it is -1 in Kempton at the time of writing) before opening up with mixed spices joining the vanilla malt aromas to create a “Christmas Spiced Biscuit” aroma. 
Palate: Sweet, Rich, and Warming. Sweet Peach and Stewed Stone Fruit at first with plenty of Buttery Vanilla and Biscuit Spices. 
Finish: A lingering Orange Peel and Stone Fruit sweetness gives way to a savoury Nuttiness with White Pepper and Oak. 
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