It’s nearly that time again and Rob has been extremely busy preparing another amazing Whisky Club release for you.
Rob loves nothing more than telling the story of the cask and spirit to our club members and this time is no exception…. so without further ado…
Whisky Club: November 2023 – Tawny Squared
This month, we have selected an Old Kempton whisky like non-other we have ever tasted. This whisky is so atypical to the Old Kempton house style, two of our tasting panel (both people who have been tasting OKD whisky since our very first casks), stated that not only would they not have picked this as an Old Kempton whisky – they also wouldn’t have picked it as an Australian whisky.
So, why are we releasing this whisky to our Whisky Club? and how did this whisky come to be?
Well, firstly, we have selected this cask for our whisky club because it is so different – we always want to make sure we are bringing you different and interesting whiskies that you can’t just buy off our shelf or online…. and this whisky fits that bill perfectly. We have also decided to release it at its natural cask strength, to make sure you get the full weird, funky, and tasty experience.
As for how this whisky came about, that is a harder story to tell. What we know started with a batch of second fill 20L casks that were not developing like we had anticipated. The whisky in these casks had great structure – but had some prominent “funky” elements that are not part of our house style and not typical of our spirit. Where these “funky” aspects came from we are less sure. Unseasonal weather through fermentation? late cuts? maybe some yeast baked on to the bottom of the wash still? We don’t know – but we planned to clean these elements up and smooth them out by finishing the casks in an old Bleasdale Tawny cask. We anticipated that this cask would provide a rich tawny influence that would be supported by the already strong structure of the spirit. We then thought the cask would continue to clean up the funky elements and make for a big, rich, tawny cask that could be used as a building block in our Old Stables or Coachhouse releases. What we got instead was this atypical, funky, monster whisky that will spark conversation for some and leave others speechless. Is it weird? Most definitely, Is it wonderful? We certainly think so, and we hope you do to.
So, still not part of the Old Kempton Whisky Club? Now is the time to join.
Don’t forget to read how the club works and the T&C’s before joining.
You must join before the ballot begins to have a chance at owning this amazing release – which gives you until the 5th of November!