Our brand new Christmas Release is here – available in limited amounts of 50ml and 500ml bottles.

We often talk about Australian fortified wine casks tasting like Christmas. The rich dried fruits and mixed spice flavours drawn from the old fortified wine casks certainly have all the hallmarks of a great plum pudding. A nice sense of alcohol reminds some of the pudding being set alight and placed in the middle of the Christmas table, or hints of vanilla bringing back memories of jugs of custard ready to be poured over the top of thick slices of pudding. For some it might even be the leather and oak being reminiscent of old furniture being dragged out of dusty corners to make up enough seats for everyone, or the lingering scent of the Christmas tree starting to wilt in the summer warmth. Regardless of what it is that so often reminds us of Christmas in these whiskies, this one has it in spades. The combination of tawny and apera cask have been married together to create a whisky that brings back some of our favourite Christmas memories and will hopefully be part of creating more as we take a bit of time to sit and share a whisky with friends and family at some point over the holiday period.

From all at Old Kempton have a very Merry season!

Aroma: Lots of Christmas Pudding in the aroma with Dried Fruits and Mixed Spices coming to the fore. Toasted Oak is prominent with a hints of Cranberry Sauce, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, and Tobacco Leaf.

Taste: Rich and semi-sweet with plenty of dried fruit, spice, and tobacco leaf. Conjures up log fires and old gold chocolate.

Finish: Some nice pepper and spice throughout the finish with plenty of toasted oak, dark chocolate, and some fortified wine with charcuterie.


Grab yours today before it is too late.