Looking for a hands-on distilling experience? Look no further than Old Kempton Distillery.

The Distiller Experience: A behind the scenes and practical insight to running a distillery

While the distilling industry is still a relatively new venture in Australia, it is something that has been refined over the centuries around the world.

Tasmanian distilleries have spent the past 30 years working together to share and grow the knowledge of distilling in our state and across Australia.

Old Kempton Distillery has played a large role in sharing that knowledge with over 350 students who have completed our hands-on distillery courses in the past 11 years.

As a new generation of prospective distillers and distillery owners enter the industry, Old Kempton is excited to, once again, open the distillery doors and offer a 3-day, all-encompassing, distiller experience.

During your time at Old Kempton, you will work closely with the entire team – from distillers, management, cellar door, sales and the marketing team.

Your first two days will heavily involve hands-on work in the distillery – including a close look at the processes involved in brewing, wash runs, spirit runs, decanting and bottling.

The processes of distillation at Old Kempton are manual, not computerised, allowing you to fully understand each step of the mechanics behind a spirit. The various stages of gin and whisky production will be shown and discussed at length.

The distiller’s will also take you through a formal tasting panel to work on your palate, while giving you the opportunity to see how Old Kempton spirits are assessed before being bottled.

Distillery/Bond Store compliance and work, health and safety (WHS) play a huge part of owning and operating a distillery. Time will be spent with Martin, the CEO of Old Kempton, and Rob, our Head Distiller, discussing any questions you have. Martin and Rob have spent much of the past 3 years project-managing the build and setup of the new distillery and bond stores – which means they’ve gained insight into the commissioning of our distillery and the processes that we followed to become compliant.

The marketing of your finished product – no matter your chosen sales channels – can be discussed with the help of our sales and marketing team.

Industry day, the third day of your experience, will involve visits to distilleries of different sizes, a cooperage and still manufacturer. These visits will provide an insight into the world of distilling in Tasmania while also giving you the opportunity to ask any questions and develop ideas for how your future distillery could look and feel.

Before your distiller’s experience begins, we highly recommend taking the time to explore the theoretical aspects of distilling. Courses in distillation, focused purely on the theory, are available in each state of Australia. Your state’s spirit association will also be able to point you in the direction of courses that they recommend.

Old Kempton will also provide our course notes one month prior to your booked experience (unless you book after that time, in which they will be express posted to you upon booking), please take the time to read through your booklet and note any questions you may have.

A short survey will be sent to your email along with your booking confirmation. This survey will help us better understand what you would like the sessions to focus on; please ensure you fill out the survey as soon as possible after booking.

The amazing team at The Old Woolstore in Hobart have set up a special accommodation deal for our guests as part of each course. Accommodation is for four nights (as you will need to arrive the night before and leave the day after your experience) and can be added as an extra to your booking. Pick up is also from The Old Woolstore daily and a special dinner with the OKD team will be held on the 3rd night of your experience in a private dining area at the Stockman’s Restaurant.

The Distiller Experience is $2275 per person