Looking for a hands-on distilling experience? Look no further than Old Kempton Distillery.

Available dates –

March 19th – 21st
May 14th – 16th
July 16th – 18th
September – 17th – 19th
November – 19th – 21st

The Distiller Experience: A behind the scenes and practical insight to running a distillery

While the distilling industry is still a relatively new venture in Australia, it is something that has been refined over the centuries around the world.

Tasmanian distilleries have spent the past 30 years working together to share and grow the knowledge of distilling in our state and across Australia.

Old Kempton Distillery has played a large role in sharing that knowledge with over 350 students who have completed our hands-on distillery courses in the past 11 years.

As a new generation of prospective distillers and distillery owners enter the industry, Old Kempton is excited to, once again, open the distillery doors and offer a 3-day, all-encompassing, distiller experience.

During your time at Old Kempton, you will work closely with the entire team – from distillers, management, cellar door, sales and the marketing team.

Your first two days will heavily involve hands-on work in the distillery – including a close look at the processes involved in brewing, wash runs, spirit runs, decanting and bottling.

The processes of distillation at Old Kempton are manual, not computerised, allowing you to fully understand each step of the mechanics behind a spirit. The various stages of gin and whisky production will be shown and discussed at length.

The distiller’s will also take you through a formal tasting panel to work on your palate, while giving you the opportunity to see how Old Kempton spirits are assessed before being bottled.

Distillery/Bond Store compliance and work, health and safety (WHS) play a huge part of owning and operating a distillery. Time will be spent with Martin, the CEO of Old Kempton, and Rob, our Head Distiller, discussing any questions you have. Martin and Rob have spent much of the past 3 years project-managing the build and setup of the new distillery and bond stores – which means they’ve gained insight into the commissioning of our distillery and the processes that we followed to become compliant.

The marketing of your finished product – no matter your chosen sales channels – can be discussed with the help of our sales and marketing team.

Industry day, the third day of your experience, will involve visits to distilleries of different sizes, a cooperage and still manufacturer. These visits will provide an insight into the world of distilling in Tasmania while also giving you the opportunity to ask any questions and develop ideas for how your future distillery could look and feel.

Before your distiller’s experience begins, we highly recommend taking the time to explore the theoretical aspects of distilling. Courses in distillation, focused purely on the theory, are available in each state of Australia. Your state’s spirit association will also be able to point you in the direction of courses that they recommend.

Old Kempton will also provide our course notes one month prior to your booked experience (unless you book after that time, in which they will be express posted to you upon booking), please take the time to read through your booklet and note any questions you may have.

A short survey will be sent to your email along with your booking confirmation. This survey will help us better understand what you would like the sessions to focus on; please ensure you fill out the survey as soon as possible after booking.

The amazing team at The Old Woolstore in Hobart have set up a special accommodation deal for our guests as part of each course. Accommodation is for four nights (as you will need to arrive the night before and leave the day after your experience) and can be added as an extra to your booking. Pick up is also from The Old Woolstore daily and a special dinner with the OKD team will be held on the 3rd night of your experience in a private dining area at the Stockman’s Restaurant.

The Distiller Experience is $2275 per person.


A room/apartment at the Old Woolstore, located in the heart of Hobart, has been negotiated with very special rates for our experience guests.

Hotel room/studio apartment at The Old Woolstore, conveniently located in the heart of Hobart and the location of our pickup/drop off service.

Booking is for four nights (Includes the night before your experience starts and the night after) at a special discounted rate. Rooms sleep two (in a double bed) so you are welcome to bring your partner along for the ride!

This rate is only available when booking our Distiller Experience and must be paid as part of your booking.

Our group dinner on the last night of your experience is also located in a private area of the magnificent Old Woolstore restaurant.


We would be absolutely delighted if you would join us for dinner on the last day of your experience.

You’ll be joined by the OKD management team and distiller’s to give you the chance to discuss the last three days, ask any burning questions or just sit back and relax with your new group of friends.

The Old Woolstore has kindly provided a private dining area for this dinner.

Dietary requirements can be catered for but we must be informed upon booking.

A 3 course shared platter menu is included and is full of Tasmanian only produce. It is a seasonal menu and subject to change but includes fresh seafood and antipasto entrees, a variety of Tasmanian meats and locally grown vegetables for mains, and cheeses, petit fours and panna cotta for dessert.

Tasmanian wine will be provided on the table as well as a few tasty Old Kempton spirits as part of the price.

You are welcome to purchase any other drinks directly from the Old Woolstore bar.


ENQUIRES? Drop us an email!

Each session is limited to 8 attendees and will run with a minimum of 2. We highly recommend joining us for our last dinner and enjoying the incredible hospitality of The Old Woolstore while you stay in Tasmania. If you already live in our beautiful state that’s ok too – we would still love to drive you with the group – pick up at 7am daily from the Old Woolstore.

We recommend looking into any theory training courses available to you before attending our hands-on experience however it is not mandatory. For more information on available theory courses please see the contacts list in your Art of Distilling booklet or visit the Australian Distillers Association website.

If you have enquiries about our experience, our dinner or the accommodation offer please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email erin@oldkemptondistillery.com.au


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has provided a solid foundation for future study and learning. Although you may initially think that it is quite expensive as the course continues you realise it is worth every penny (cent!). I would highly recommend the course even for those people who may not want to set up a distillery but want to learn more about whisky and make informed decisions with their future choices or investments.

The exposure to the whole process from spirit run to bottle. The information provided in the book was invaluable and will provide a great reference point – demystifying the ATO side was great – always a hurdle -filling in forms! The people involved in the course made it very enjoyable and knowing that they are there for future support is priceless.  – Frances, Student from February 2022


The course was fun, informative, thorough and confidence building. I feel that it’s given me a good standing for starting my own distillery and has certainly demystified the ATO application (a major concern for me and once of the major reasons for coming on the course). It was probably one of the best 3 days I’ve spent and greatest value for money I’ve ever received. Mark was excellent and put up with all my questions. I enjoyed having the smaller group.Samantha, Student from February 2019


I had an enjoyable experience doing the distillers course and found the material invaluable. It was well delivered and had the right level of instructional and practical content. The staff were wonderful and the ‘industry’ day visiting Knapp Lewer, Tas cooperage, last Rites and Belgrove distillery was excellent. Mr Nick was always engaging and a very good presenter.
The course has not only helped with getting an ATO manufactures licence, it also helped formalise the type of distillery and product I wish to produce. – Mr Wareing, Student from July 2019

My experience with the Distillery school was incredible. More than what I could have imagined or asked for. Mr Nick is a great teacher and a wealth of knowledge. His knowledge of the whisky industry is truly remarkable. And was comfortable asking him any questions I had. All the team at Old Kempton Distillery were friendly and welcoming. And would highly recommend the course to anyone. – Mark, Student from August 2019

I picked the Old Kempton Distillery School training because it offered a broad range of learning opportunities, from setting up a distillery to better understanding the distilling process and craft.  It also offered hands-on experience with a distiller, which was an extremely important aspect for me given I was new to the industry. When researching opportunities for additional training this was also a unique offering which I had not been able to find elsewhere.

This training offered so much more than I was expecting, and there were many highlights just to name a few: Access to experienced people in the industry that were only to happy to share their knowledge and experience. The hands on experience to be able to work with Matt the Old Kempton Distiller who was only too happy to answer questions and share his knowledge. Coverage of the broader aspects of setting up your own distillery, the traps and broader considerations. The networking and long lasting relationships I was able to form. The ongoing help and assistance from the Old Kempton team beyond the initial training. I have been in regular contact with Erin who we are extremely grateful to for the advice and assistance that she has provided us in our journey to set up our distillery. – Tash, Student from November 2020 

Thanks so much to you and the team for making me (and the other students) so welcome during the course. And the BIGGEST thanks to Mr Nick, of course, for his generosity and enthusiasm in sharing his vast knowledge with us. Amazing! It really was a fabulous course. I certainly have a new-found appreciation of the wonders of whisky, and I’m just bubbling with ideas that I can’t wait to start tinkering with. – Katri Hilden, Student from October 2021