Next Available Course Dates 9th to 11th Feb 2021, 2nd to 4th March 2021, 6th to 8th April 2021, 6th to 8th July 2021 – To book please click the BOOK NOW button.

Our Distillery Course is unique opportunity to have a hands-on learning experience in a Small Craft Distillery. It is designed to provide full training whether you are a beginner, just want some hands on experience or need to learn how to navigate the ATO and paperwork of a Distillery.

Our Distillery School runs with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8. This keeps the school as intimate as possible and also provides plenty of time for questions and discussions of what you individually would like to gain from our School.

Our School will provide you with a close look into the workings of a Distillery, including the coopering of barrels, brewing of wash, distilling processes, barrelling, decanting and bottling. Although Old Kempton Distillery is primary a Whisky Distillery, we also make Gin’s and Liqueur’s onsite – this means no matter what you are interested in distilling we have the knowledge you need to begin your own distillery.

During your 3 day course Old Kempton Distillery assures you a priceless opportunity to have a close look at the essential equipment and processes required to open, operate and run a successful spirit distillation business. This includes but is not limited to water filtration, hot liquor heating, condenser and wash cooling systems and the necessary cleaning regimes.

You are welcome to take photos and notes – there are no secrets here. Old Kempton Distillery is a Small Craft Distillery and is not computerised, enabling you to understand the mechanics of distillation. During your training you will assist in the customs approved method of measuring alcohol volumes, along with other important distillery tasks required by the ATO. Our aim, once the school is finished, is to ensure every student can comfortably complete all ATO requirements to open and run their own Distillery.

For all enquires please email Erin Cole at info@oldkemptondistillery.com.au

Distillery School Feedback

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has provided a solid foundation for future study and learning. Although you may initially think that it is quite expensive as the course continues you realise it is worth every penny (cent!). I would highly recommend the course even for those people who may not want to set up a distillery but want to learn more about whisky and make informed decisions with their future choices or investments.

The exposure to the whole process from spirit run to bottle. The information provided in the book was invaluable and will provide a great reference point – demystifying the ATO side was great – always a hurdle -filling in forms! The people involved in the course made it very enjoyable and knowing that they are there for future support is priceless.  – Frances, Student from February 2020


The course was fun, informative, thorough and confidence building. I feel that it’s given me a good standing for starting my own distillery and has certainly demystified the ATO application (a major concern for me and once of the major reasons for coming on the course). It was probably one of the best 3 days I’ve spent and greatest value for money I’ve ever received. Mark was excellent and put up with all my questions. I enjoyed having the smaller group.Samantha, Student from February 2019


I had an enjoyable experience doing the distillers course and found the material invaluable. It was well delivered and had the right level of instructional and practical content. The staff were wonderful and the ‘industry’ day visiting Knapp Lewer, Tas cooperage, last Rites and Belgrove distillery was excellent. Mr Nick was always engaging and a very good presenter.
The course has not only helped with getting an ATO manufactures licence, it also helped formalise the type of distillery and product I wish to produce. – Mr Wareing, Student from July 2019

My experience with the Distillery school was incredible. More than what I could have imagined or asked for. Mr Nick is a great teacher and a wealth of knowledge. His knowledge of the whisky industry is truly remarkable. And was comfortable asking him any questions I had. All the team at Old Kempton Distillery were friendly and welcoming. And would highly recommend the course to anyone. – Mark, Student from August 2019