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  • Date: Feb 27 2020 - Feb 28 2020
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26 Main St, Kempton TAS 7030
26 Main St, Kempton TAS 7030, Australia
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Feb 28 2020


8:00 am - 10:00 pm


As part of The Aussie Spirit Auction, we’re making the ultimate ‘Aussie Spirit’. Literally.
The “godfather of Australian whisky” Bill Lark will be guiding the blending and maturation of this very special whisky in Tasmania. Five barrels – each boasting a different, delicious expression – will be up for grabs.
100% of funds raised from all auction items – including ‘The Aussie Spirit’ whisky – will go to Rural Aid for bushfire and drought relief.
Gather your friends and colleagues and go in together if you have to; this is a once-in-a-lifetime
drop. Become a part of history while helping Australians affected by bushfire and drought by vying for this whisky.

The details
New make spirit has been kindly donated by 5Nines Distilling (SA), Archie Rose Distilling Co. (NSW), Belgrove Distillery (TAS), Manly Spirits Co. (NSW), Newcastle Distilling Co. (NSW), Ostra Distillers (VIC), Rochfort Distillery (SA), Sawford Distillery (TAS), Shene Estate &Distillery (TAS), Shipyard Distillery (NSW), SouWester Spirits (WA), Tin Shed Distilling Company/Iniquity (SA) and White Label Distillery (TAS).
Round Oak Barrels have very generously given us the following barrels:
– 1 x 15 gallon (57L) Rum
– 1 x 15 gallon (57L) Honey Spirit/Bourbon
– 1 x 10L ex-Tawny, heavy char
– 10 gallon (42L) Bluebird Distillery Four Grain Bourbon
Plus, Round Oak have also donated a 300L, 60 year old, French Oak, ex-Cognac/VSOP barrel – the jewel in our Auction crown! It came from Angove, makers of the famous St. Agnes brandy, adding yet another layer of significance to the whisky.

There is the opportunity to personally join Bill in blending and barrel-filling during March 2020 in Tasmania (at purchaser’s expense). The winners will have some say in personalising the labeling, (re)naming and the eventual ABV of this whisky.

How to bid
1. Pre-bidding for 3 of the casks (the Rum, Tawny and Cognac/VSOP) and bidding for the rest is now open online here. Pre-bidding will close before a gala Auction event at around 6pm on the 28th February 2020. In the case of no bids at the event, the highest pre-bidder will become the winner -so bid well!
2. Live bidding on some of whiskies will occur at a gala auction event in Sydney. Tickets are now
available here. This will be your best chance to call one of these unique creations your very own.
3. Should you wish to compete in the live auction, but can’t attend the gala, please email to discuss options.

The fine print
Purchasers will be responsible for paying for bottling costs and the ATO current excise at the time of barrel emptying. Bottling costs TBA.
Barrels will be decanted for bottling when Bill Lark (with his years of experience) determines that the spirit is at its absolute peak for that barrel. For the 300L this may be 4+ years, for the smaller barrels this will be closer to 2 years.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much whisky should I expect to receive?
A: During the whisky ageing process some spirit is lost to the “angels’ share”. The bottling volume also depends on the ABV you chose to have your whisky bottled at.

Q: What is the “angels’ share”?
A: Natural spirit loss due to evaporation and weeping through the timber of the cask. The rate varies from cask to cask and place to place. Expect 6-10% p.a. loss.

Q: Can I have the spirit shipped to me in the cask?
A: Australian law requires us to deliver the whisky in bottles. Also, casks regularly develop leaks in transit. However, you can also have the empty cask if you wish, after bottling.

Q: Can I take delivery of my cask sooner than two years of age?
A: No, two years is a statutory period required before the spirit can be called whisky.

Q: Can I visit and taste my cask while it is maturing?
A: Yes, just call us first to arrange a time so we can get it out for you.

Q: Is the cost of shipping included in the price?
A: No, the cost of shipping will be quoted at the time of maturation depending on your location. You are also welcome to pick up your bottled whisky and cask in person.

Q: Will the bottles be labeled?
A: It is recommended bottles are labeled by the purchaser after they receive them. We can provide details for label printers who can do short runs for you.

Q: I have my own excise license; can I transfer these barrels to my own bond store?
A: Absolutely, we would be happy to transfer the barrels, at your transport costs to your bond store once all excise paperwork is approved by the ATO.

Q: I am from outside Australia, can I bid?
A: Absolutely, and you will not have to pay Australian Excise taxes, however, you will be responsible for all local taxes and import duties upon import into your country. Please email us to discuss.

Q: How can I ask more questions?
A: Please email

Happy Bidding!
The Aussie Spirit Auction volunteer team

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