Enjoy the full set of gins in our range! Available in 50ml, 350ml and 700ml packs Barrel Aged Gin - A classic gin nose surrounded by soft woody notes. Complex, rich and exciting. This gin has enjoyed just the right amount of time in an OKD whisky barrel. The subtle malty notes combine beautifully with juniper and hints of citrus notes. An unashamed barrel aged gin, leaving your tongue searching for answers as to why it is simply so delicious. Six Shillings Gin - A delightfully perfumed nose speaking of traditional botanicals playing gracefully with the distillers choice of fruits. A sweet mouth filling gin, without revealing too much. Opening up to be a beautifully balanced palate of fruity gin. The palate gently slips into an exceptionally satisfying finish – lingering and continuing to give up it’s secrets. Embezzler Gin - Embezzler Gin is designed to be a well-balanced gin that incorporates a strong juniper character. Blended with citrus, florals, spices, sweetness and ending with a traditional London dry finish that lasts just long enough before you are wanting to take another sip. The Embezzler should stand out in your glass and can be drunk straight, on ice or chilled, with tonic or our suggestion is chilled with a slice of lime. Awards – Silver – World Gin Awards 2019 Gold – SIP Awards 2020 Bronze – Australian Gin Awards 2020 Silver – World Gin Awards 2020 Silver – Australian Gin Awards 2019 Silver - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2020 Make sure you grab some Tasmanian tonic water too - https://www.oldkemptondistillery.com.au/product/tonic-water-4-pack/
  • The perfect tonic to accompany our gin range. Choose from Lilly Pilly, Australian, Kakadu Plum or Pepperberry. All made in Tasmania by the great folk at Tasmanian Tonic Company.

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