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Ten years marks a significant period in the development of Old Kempton Distillery. Along with Lyn Lark, James Reid and Amelia Hope, we started what was going to be a small craft distillery. Over time, the distillery attracted a few passionate friends who shared our vision. They were welcomed into our family bringing expertise and enthusiasm guiding OKD to what it is today. We are also fortunate to have a wonderful support team to facilitate OKD’s commitment to becoming a true artisan distillery.

On behalf of OKD, I thank you for your support and making the future look bright. We look forward to welcoming you to the distillery and being able to share more of our amazing Tasmanian spirits. Cheers for now, Bill Lark – Co Founder OKD

Tasting Notes by Rob Tyson, Head Distiller.

Aroma: A rich and ever developing aroma with dried fruits (raisins and sultanas), tinned pears, coffee with dark chocolate, orange peel, rich malt, and toasted almonds.

Palate: Rich oil, and creamy across the palate with a good balance of both sweet and dry elements (ANZAC biscuits, Seville orange, and oak).

Finish: Great mouthfeel with good spread and balance (Gingernut biscuit with spice and toffee).

This release marries together spirit distilled at both our original site at Redlands Estate and at our new home at Dysart House, Kempton. Whist our location has changed, the delicate fruit and malt driven spirit that we produce has been consistent across our sites and is central to the style of whisky we produce.

248 in stock



1 review for 10th Anniversary Release

  1. Sam Harley

    A delightful mix of florals and dark spices. A wonderful whisky to celebrate the history of Tasmanian whisky with. Highly recommend grabbing a bottle before they run out!

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