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William Henry Ellis, Founder of Dysart House, was transported from England to Tasmania in 1827 for embezzlement. He was granted a Special Release shortly after his arrival and by 1836 was licensed to sell spirits from our property in Tasmania’s Midlands. In memory of Ellis we present our own Special Release Cask Strength Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky. Showcasing the purest Tasmanian barley and water, handcrafted using traditional methods and matured in specially-selected oak casks, each Cask Strength release is handpicked for it’s outstanding individuality.

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Tasting notes:

Classic Pinot –
Nose: this dram presents delicate lifted floral notes with a sweet cherry element that is the signature of Pinot Noir ageing.
Palate: a clean and sweet explosion of flavours greets the palate then settles to a warm and delicately delicious mixture of the stone fruit and floral elements.
The finish is long and clean with lingering chocolate and toffee sweetness underlying the crisp pinot cask oak tannins which give this dram its elegant appeal.


Classic Port –
Nose: Dominated by sweet and fruity elements with undertones of rum and raisin chocolate adding depth.
Palate: Welcomes the soft yet wonderfully warming spirt with deep dark fruits and pantry spices dancing together to create a mouth-filling experience that only a port cask can deliver.
The finish is beautifully supported by the late arrival of the soft oak tannins and hints of dark chocolate and coffee grounds.

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Weight1 kg
Classic Range Options

Classic Port 50ml, Classic Port 500ml, Classic Pinot 50ml, Classic Pinot 500ml

4 reviews for Cask Strength Classic Range

  1. Cameron Cole

    After ordering I received a 64.1 Port cask release. I consider it well worth the money. I find it a very enjoyable drop.

  2. Erin Cole

    I love this whisky! Port cask at 64%. Yum!

  3. Nick

    Bought a bottle today after sampling some at the distillery. Very excited to enjoy it soon.

  4. Lukas

    This is like God’s nectar… Worth absolutely every penny, one of the best, like not the best whiskey I’ve ever tasted
    You are not going to be disappointed

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