Exclusive tasting event – Evolve Spirit Bar!

Evolve Spirit Bar are hosting an exclusive whisky tasting evening at Evolve, celebrating Old Kempton Distillery. Join Rob Tyson, Old Kempton's Head Distiller, for a special Tasmanian whisky tasting night, which will include tasting their 10th anniversary release. Rob will guide guests through tasting their 10th anniversary release, The Old Stables, Classic Pinot, Classice Port, [...]


Tasmanian Whisky Week – Free tours and tastings!

Tasmanian Whisky Week is the perfect opportunity to visit Tasmania and experience the best whisky in Australia (yes we are biased!). Running from the 8th to the 14th of August, there are many amazing events to attend throughout the week as well as the always incredible Whisky Showcase, which features over 30 Tasmanian distilleries! Here [...]


Free Whisky BBQ sauce with your tasting pack – but get in quick!

This is it whisky fans! 15 of our amazing tasting packs are left and we've decided to add in a freebie for one lucky person that buys one of the last 15! If that lucky person is you then you'll get a Tassie Settlers Whisky BBQ sauce added to your tasting pack - free! Their Whisky products [...]



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