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November 2019 – Solera Batch #1 ABV 49%

February 2020 – Port Finished ABV 56%

May 2020 – Stout Cask ABV 60%

August 2020 – Muscat Cask ABV 46%

November 2020 – Oval Cask (Port) ABV 53%

February 2021 – Ginger Beer Cask ABV 58%

May 2021 – Pinot Cask ABV 63.2%

August 2021 – Heavy Char Sherry ABV 55%

November 2021 – Botrytis Cask ABV 46%

February 2022 – PX Cask ABV 56%

May 2022 – Stout Cask ABV 58%

August 2022 – Tokay Cask ABV 50%

November 2022 – 10th Anniversary 1st Access ABV 50%

February 2023 – PX Cask ABV 55%

May 2023 – Madeira finish ABV 55%

August 2023 – Cognac Finish ABV 54%

November 2023 – Tawny Squared ABV 66.6%

February 2024 – Muscat Cask ABV 56%


Whisky Club #17

ABV: 61% Cask Type(s): Bourbon Cask

Aroma:  Bright florals (orange blossom) and plenty of tinned stone fruit (tinned peached in syrup). Vanilla and Coconut from the bourbon cask and malt from the spirit gives a beautiful apple crumble with vanilla custard aroma.

Taste: Sweet malt upfront with a clean and honeyed spirit that carries well across the palate. Oak comes in late with tobacco leaf and leather.

Finish: A lighter style whisky (despite the 61% abv) with a nice balance between the spirit and the cask influence. Plenty of American oak, corn bread, and barley sugar to finish.