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Old Kempton Distillery proudly offers you to chance to mature your own 20L, 50L or 100L barrel of Whisky in our Historic Bond Store


People are fast discovering the exceptional quality of whisky coming from this small island. Whether it be the pristine water ways or fresh air Tasmania is fast becoming renowned for their award winning ‘Water of Life’.

Here at Old Kempton we are offering people the opportunity to purchase and fill their very own Tasmanian whisky barrel- whether you want to share with friends, have your own whisky collection made just for you or just enjoy a personalised whisky. We have hand crafted our barley spirit in our heritage coach house, ready to fill your own 20L, 50L or 100L barrel.

Please visit our online store for pricing, Terms & Conditions or to make a purchase. ZIPPAY is available!


We will carefully fill your Oak barrel with Old Kempton’s handcrafted single malt spirit, made using only Tasmanian barley and water. Our barrels are selected and reconditioned by our local cooperage (depending on barrel type), only 15 minutes south of the distillery. Barrel types include; sherry, port, pinot noir, bourbon and many others. We love to try new things so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any ideas or questions about barrel types.

A 20L barrel after maturing for over two years in our old stables bond store, can expect to produce anywhere between 22 – 30 bottles (at cask strength) or 30 – 40 bottles at 46% alc (Our whisky is released in 500mL bottles).

You are invited to fill your own barrel and visit your barrel during its maturation to monitor its development, but we ask you to please book your visit so we can assure there will be a distiller on site to assist you. Before your whisky is ready to be released you will be required to pay government excise, bottling, labelling and shipping (if you require).

There are no hidden fees, you can visit and taste your barrel as often as you like and even sign your own barrel – the barrel is yours to keep at the end of maturation or it can be refilled at a discounted rate.

Looking for an easier way to pay? We offer ZIPPAY on our entire range.

For more information please email: info@oldkemptondistillery.com.au

Customer Feedback

It was exciting have my own cask, I have since gone on to refill my barrel as well as buy barrels from other distilleries. Supporting Tasmanian is great. Staff were very knowledgeable and helpful.

John Bailey

Simple and easy process. Staff were easy to talk to and explained everything well. End result was very much worth it – handing the bottles out at Christmas time was fantastic. Have since refilled for a 2nd run at it.

Private Barrel Owner

I’ve done several barrels with the Old Kempton team. Each one has been fantastic quality. It’s a very economical way to get your hands on some amazing Tasmanian whisky.

Every barrel is filled and uniquely numbered, and registered to your name in the distillery registry, with your name also on the barrel.

Takes about 2 years for your 20-litre barrel to mature – you won’t want to leave it much more than that.

Graeme Dennis

20 litre For personal use, then 100litre for business – independent bottler. Good new make and reputation of quality. Staff were easy to talk to and answered all my questions. I also got to brand my barrel and visit it!

Independent Bottler
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